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Bumper repair at the GlavUpDK car service center

A bumper is necessary to protect a vehicle from significant damage. Therefore, this part often sustains various types of damage. If the damage is substantial, it is recommended to install a new part. However, quite often, the damage is minor, and specialists at GlavUpDK Specialized Auto Center can efficiently perform bumper body repairs in a short period. Moreover, this service is offered at a reasonable cost, which is certainly appreciated by customers.

Service Features

The offered bumper body repair service, the cost of which depends on the extent of damage, consists of several stages. First and foremost, a specialist conducts an inspection of the existing defects in the part. This is necessary to determine the repair measures and agree on the service cost with the customer. Once the client agrees to the proposed rates, the technicians proceed with the repair work. The first step involves cleaning the bumper of dirt and dust. Afterward, specialists eliminate existing cracks, dents, and other defects.

Once the mechanical damage is addressed, specialists prepare the bumper for painting. This involves selecting the right color, applying primer, and then applying the paint coating. Subsequently, the bumper undergoes drying, followed by polishing of the part. If the bumper was removed, it is reinstalled in its original position, and all necessary components are mounted. After this, the work is presented to the customer. Given the quality of the repair work performed, customers are always satisfied. The bumper looks as good as new, which is why clients choose this company's services.

Types of Repair Services

When it comes to car bumper body repair, the most common issues include:

  • Surface dents or dings;
  • Hydraulic system malfunctions;
  • Hinge breakage;
  • Damage to the trunk floor.

For dents, specialists restore the geometry of the bumper. If there's a malfunction in the hydraulics, the component is removed, cleaned, and inspected for damage. After the repair work is completed, the hydraulic system is tested on a special stand.

If the bumper hinges are broken, it typically necessitates replacing the torsion, which the specialists can do. Repairing the trunk floor is generally required in two cases: dents or rust, and sometimes both. Specialists perform floor leveling, rust removal, and paint application for this type of repair.

Advantages of the Service at GlavUpDK

GlavUpDK Specialized Auto Center provides services that are in high demand because it employs only highly skilled specialists with extensive experience in repairing various car models. The center is equipped with all the necessary modern equipment and tools to carry out all the required repair and installation procedures. The company uses only high-quality parts and materials for repairs, ensuring customer satisfaction.


For nearly five decades, GlavUpDK Specialized Auto Center has been offering its services for the repair of various car models. Over the years, a team of professionals has been formed, capable of performing repair work of any complexity. The center is equipped with all the necessary modern equipment and tools to ensure high-quality repairs.

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