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Transport Maintenance Department of GlavUpDK under the MFA of the Russian Federation

Transport Maintenance Department (Spetsautocenter) branch of GlavUpDK was established in 1976 for servicing diplomatic vehicles. Today Spetsautocenter renders a wide range of modern services and carries out repair works of any complexity while retaining traditions of high quality.


of representative offices of foreign states and international organizations


of Russian companies


of representative offices of foreign companies

Vehicle inspection

We are accredited by the Russian Association of Motor Insurers to provide inspection of motorcycles and vehicles, including cargo trucks of up to 3.5 tonnes and buses of up to 5 tonnes. We issue OSAGO policies onsite.

Diagnostics and repairs

We provide computer and instrumental diagnostics and any types of repairs. Our works are based on original technologies and labor time maps of motor manufacturers.

Wheel alignment

We have wheel alignment stands of the world brand Hoffman and offer precise diagnostics and troubleshooting. Our works are done quickly and with good quality.

Car wash and dry cleaning
We provide contactless car wash using professional high-pressure equipment of the Italian brand Maer. We are using only certified, safe, and modern car care products. Here you will find no lines.
Tire fitting and wheel balancing
We offer computer balancing using stands of the world brand Hofmann. We work with any type of tires, including low profile tires, of vehicles and motorcycles. We also have a tire storing service.

We offer spots for parking official and personal vehicles on the guarded and heated parking lot near the Kiyevsky rail terminal.

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