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Wing repair at the GlavUpDK car service center

Have you found yourself in need of car wing repair? GlavUpDK Specialized Auto Center is your trusted partner for this task! Since 1976, our center has been providing quality automotive repair services for diplomatic missions, corporate clients, and individuals.

Key Features

Car wing repair often becomes necessary due to various circumstances. While every car and its owner are unique, there are specific situations where repair becomes almost inevitable:

  1. Traffic accidents: Even minor accidents can cause wing deformation, especially in densely populated cities. More severe collisions may require rear or front car wing repair.
  2. Adverse weather conditions: Heavy hail, falling trees, or branches can result in dents on the wing.
  3. Random damages: Sometimes, parking or maneuvering can lead to wing damage. This could be the result of collisions with other vehicles or obstacles like poles.
  4. Corrosion: During the winter months, when road agents are used, the risk of corrosion increases. Failure to address corrosion promptly can lead to serious and costly damage.
  5. Preserving the car's value: If you plan to sell your car, the absence of wing damage can significantly increase its market value.

Types of Services

  1. Full Wing Replacement: The ideal solution for those with severe damage or when repairing the rear wing of a car becomes economically impractical.
  2. Partial Repair: This can include the removal of dents, chips, scratches, and other damages. After the procedure, your car will look as good as new.
  3. Repair After Accidents: For significant damage following an accident, this service includes diagnostics, repair, and painting.
  4. Wing Painting: Using high-quality materials and modern technologies, we guarantee that your car's color will be restored to factory standards.

Service Benefits

  • Transparent Pricing: With our calculation system, you'll always know the cost of car wing repair. We use licensed software such as AUDATEX and AUTODATA, ensuring transparent and competitive prices for our clients.
  • Professional Approach: Our specialists have extensive experience in repairing and servicing cars of various brands and classes.
  • Modern Equipment: Our workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art devices and technologies, allowing us to perform car wing repair in Moscow at the highest level.
  • Guaranteed Quality: We take pride in our GOST-R and ISO 9001 certifications, which confirm the high standard of our services.
  • Convenient Location: Located in the heart of Moscow, near Kievsky Railway Station, we are always close and ready to assist.

GlavUpDK Specialized Auto Center is your best choice for car wing repair in Moscow. When you turn to us, you get a guarantee of quality, a professional approach, and the highest service standards! Don't let a damaged wing spoil the appearance of your car. Turn to the professionals!

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