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Painting of car elements in GlavUpDK car service

During the operation period, various factors affect the car. Therefore, timely vehicle renewal is necessary. It may be required to repaint a car part, the cost of which is quite affordable. Refreshing multiple elements of the car may be necessary. However, it is important to perform the work correctly, so it is advisable to trust specialists.

Service Features:

When the coating suffers significant damage, it is necessary to eliminate the defect. Local painting is an indispensable service provided in an auto body shop. The procedure is considered the final stage of repair.

The mandatory stage is considered the selection of paint. Nitro paints, acrylic mixtures, alkyd enamel, water-based emulsions, and varnishes are used. The suitable coloring substance makes the transition between coatings seamless. The specialist must choose the appropriate color.

Painting a car door or other part should be done after preparing the part. The metal element is degreased, treated with primer. If there are damages, putty is required. Other areas of the car need to be protected if the body is not disassembled.

Painting a car wing or another part involves applying several layers. Usually, 3 coats are sufficient to achieve the desired color. If necessary, a clear coat is applied.

If everything is done correctly, a neat coating is obtained. It will not only adorn the car but also serve as protection against various factors.

Types of Service:

The price of painting a car hood depends on the type of service. We perform pneumatic painting, which is carried out by using an air jet. How is it done? First, the paint gun is adjusted, then filled with paint. Then painting is carried out. This method allows for applying an even layer. The result is neat.

Advantages of the Company's Service:

Although it is possible to refresh the car independently, only experienced masters achieve a neat result. The GlavUpDK Special Auto Center offers high-quality car painting services. It is possible to refresh the entire car or part of it. The center's services have their advantages:

  • Various works are performed. This includes washing, diagnostics, repair, maintenance. Tire fitting and dry cleaning can also be ordered.
  • High quality is guaranteed. All work is done at the highest level.
  • Extensive experience. This allows for performing even complex procedures.
  • Convenient location. The center is located on Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

Simple application submission. To find out details, just fill out a special form on the website.

The opportunity to buy car paint from DuPont. DuPont, known for its innovative technologies and high-quality products, is also a major manufacturer of automotive paints. A legendary brand in the automotive paint industry, DuPont offers a variety of products that combine outstanding characteristics and reliability.

Car painting is what makes it aesthetic. Furthermore, the car becomes protected from various factors.

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