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Selection of paints for a car in the GlavUpDK car service

Over time, defects appear on any car. The paintwork becomes dull, less attractive. Therefore, it is advisable to refresh the coating. However, this requires careful selection of automotive paint. It is not recommended to do this independently; it is preferable to entrust this task to a specialist.

Features of the Service:

Automotive paint consists of binding agents, lacquer, and pigments. It dries unevenly, with the outer layer drying first, creating a false impression of complete drying.

Modern paint compositions include other substances that enhance visual effects such as chameleon, pearl, metallic. But this complicates the selection of paint for the car.

To find the right option, up to 15 shades are usually mixed, requiring accurate calculation using electronic scales. Test plates are also used to compare tones with the car color. The result depends on adhering to such factors as:

  • Professional qualities of the colorist, master;
  • Trial versions;
  • Careful comparison;
  • Method of enamel application.

Materials from a single company make it easier to choose paint for the car. All companies offer their own rules for marking shades.

If a spectrophotometer is used, it is necessary to start work with a small and old part. This way, the right choice can be made. Then painting can be carried out.

Types of Service:

Selection of paint for cars in Moscow is performed by the following methods:

  • Using the code. The manufacturer designates 17 digits. The code can be found inside the hood, trunk, door. Its location is indicated on the manufacturer's website. The VIN code is also recorded in the warranty certificate, registration documents. This selection option is chosen for full painting. As a result, a saturated color is obtained.
  • Computerized selection of paint for the car. You need to find the VIN code and enter it into the program. Then the system selects proportions, the correct ratio of paints, which helps to choose the right shade. But the result may be inaccurate due to different tonalities of paints from all manufacturers. Moreover, factory coatings become dull. Therefore, colorists mix colors, add pigments. As a result, a suitable color is obtained.
  • Selection of paint color for the car using a spectrophotometer. This provides an accurate result. The device checks the tone of the factory coating. Using the spectrophotometer, a special stand, the desired color is selected. Then the paint is tinted.

The cost of selecting paint for a car depends on the method. The VIN code method is cheaper but suitable for partial painting. The computerized method and spectrophotometer are more expensive, but they provide an accurate result.

Advantages of the Service in the Company:

Assistance in selecting paint in Moscow is provided at the GlavUpDK Special Auto Center. The company is approached when it is necessary to repair a car, conduct maintenance. Drivers are provided with technical inspection, diagnostics, as well as repair, washing.

Advantages of turning to the company:

  • High quality of services. And this is confirmed by relevant certificates.
  • Rich experience. The center has been providing services for over 40 years.
  • Convenient location. The company is located in the center of the capital.
  • Opportunity to purchase DuPont brand paints. DuPont automotive paint products are known for their high quality, resistance to environmental influences, and a variety of color solutions.

It is necessary to carefully select paint for the car. Since there are many shades available, it is preferable to seek the help of professionals.

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