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Exhaust system diagnostics at the GlavUpDK car service center

The exhaust system is a complex and critically important part of your car. Its proper functioning is necessary not only for environmental compliance and emissions standards but also for optimal engine performance, hence fuel efficiency. Delaying the diagnostics of your car's exhaust system is not advisable, as this allows for the timely detection and resolution of potential problems.

When might this service be needed?

Regular maintenance is crucial for any car. It is recommended to conduct exhaust system diagnostics at least once a year, even if everything seems to be in order.

Increased fuel consumption. If you've noticed that the vehicle is consuming more gasoline without any visible reason, the issue might be in the exhaust system.

Engine sound changes. Any unusual noises, loud rumbling, or sharp whistling should alert the driver.

High content of harmful substances in exhaust gases. If your car fails an emissions test due to high pollution levels, an immediate diagnostic check is necessary.

Reduction in engine power. If the car is having trouble accelerating or you feel a loss of power while driving, it could be related to a faulty exhaust system.

Engine overheating. Exhaust problems can lead to engine overheating.

Presence of water or condensation on the muffler. This might indicate leaks or other issues within the system.

Regular checks before selling a vehicle or buying a used car. To ensure the quality of the car and its value, diagnosing and repairing the exhaust system is a necessary step.

Service Specifics

The car's exhaust system is not just a pipe through which gases exit; it's a complex engineering mechanism operating in conditions of high temperatures and an aggressive chemical environment. Therefore, diagnosing the exhaust system should be carried out with particular thoroughness and considering many nuances.

Complexity: The diagnostics involve not only checking for physical damage or leaks but also includes an analysis of the catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, and other components.

Precise tools: Specialized instruments are used for exhaust system diagnostics to determine the efficiency of the catalytic converter, the condition of couplings, and connections.

Chemical analysis: One of the crucial aspects of diagnostics is determining the composition of exhaust gases, which helps identify faults not only in the exhaust system but also in the engine's performance.

Stages of Service

Visual inspection: The process starts with checking for visible damage, corrosion, cracks, or leaks.

Sound dampening check: Specialists assess the muffler's effectiveness using specialized equipment.

Catalytic converter diagnostics: The equipment is used to determine its wear and tear and effectiveness.

Exhaust gas analysis: This stage identifies deviations in the engine's operation and violations of environmental standards.

Oxygen sensor check: Oxygen sensors play a crucial role in regulating the fuel-air mixture, and their malfunction can affect the entire system's operation.

Temperature assessment: The exhaust system operates at high temperatures, and its condition can affect the engine's operating temperature.

Conclusion and consultation: After all the stages, the client receives a detailed report on the system's condition, recommendations for addressing the identified issues, and, if necessary, suggestions for further diagnostics and repairs of the exhaust system.

Service Advantages in the Company:

By entrusting our Transport Maintenance Departmentat GlavUpDK, you'll receive:

  • Over 40 years of successful work experience with foreign diplomatic missions.
  • Conveniently located in the center of Moscow, on Kutuzovsky Prospekt.
  • Quality services confirmed by GOST-R and ISO 9001:2015 compliance certificates.


Choosing us means opting for quality, professionalism, and impeccable service. We guarantee the use of only original parts and provide a full set of documents after each service. The reliability of your car is our priority.

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