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Transmission diagnostics at the GlavUpDK car service center

Every motorist eventually faces a situation when their gearbox starts behaving unusually. This might be accompanied by various signs, such as strange sounds during gear shifts, difficulty in shifting, frequent jerks, or even temporary blockages.

Ignoring such symptoms can lead to expensive repairs and, in some cases, a complete gearbox replacement. This is where diagnostics and gearbox repair come to the rescue, aiding in identifying and addressing problems at an early stage.

Instances requiring gearbox diagnostics

  1. Unusual sounds: If you hear grinding, clattering, or other atypical noises during gear shifts, it might indicate worn parts or improper gearbox operation.
  2. Shifting difficulties: Hindered or "stiff" gear shifts, as well as the lever sinking into neutral, often indicate problems.
  3. Frequent jerks during movement: Uneven engine operation, constant jolts in a single gear, may indicate gearbox issues.
  4. Increased fuel consumption: If you notice your vehicle consuming more fuel while other systems are functioning correctly, a faulty gearbox could be the reason.
  5. Transmission oil leaks: Oil spots beneath the car could signal gearbox sealing issues.

Service specifics

The gearbox is a complex mechanism that operates nearly continuously whenever the car is in motion. Effective car gearbox diagnostics require a special approach, knowledge of all nuances, and the use of high-tech equipment.

Specifics of gearbox diagnostics:

  1. Mechanical complexity: The gearbox comprises numerous parts operating in sync, making diagnostics a complex process that demands attention to various aspects.
  2. Detecting hidden problems: External manifestations of gearbox issues may not be as obvious as problems with other car parts. Thus, conducting diagnostics, even at the slightest suspicion of a malfunction, is crucial.
  3. Cost of consequences: Gearbox flaws can lead to serious and costly breakdowns, making diagnostics and gearbox repair critical for long-term savings.

Diagnostic stages

  1. Visual inspection: Specialists check for oil leaks, gearbox casing damage, and other external signs of wear or malfunction.
  2. Specialized equipment check: Modern vehicles are equipped with diagnostic systems that read gearbox errors and faults. This stage involves connecting to the car's onboard computer and analyzing data.
  3. Test driving: This stage allows the specialist to personally assess gearbox performance in different driving modes and under various loads.
  4. Transmission oil analysis: The state and quality of the oil provide insights into gearbox condition. Presence of metallic shavings or changes in oil color/odor may indicate internal issues.
  5. Client consultation: After completing the diagnostic stages, the specialist discusses the results, identified issues, and recommendations for their resolution with the client.

Benefits of our service at the Transport Maintenance Departmentat GlavUpDK

Apart from years of experience and professionalism, we stand out for:

  • Use of only original parts and components.
  • Convenient location in the center of Moscow, on Kutuzovsky Prospekt.
  • Quality of our services confirmed by GOST-R and ISO 9001:2015 conformity certificates.


If you value your car and seek assurance in its flawless operation, turn to professionals. The Transport Maintenance Departmentat GlavUpDK is ready to offer high-quality gearbox diagnostics and repair, ensuring you enjoy each and every ride!

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