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Automatic transmission diagnostics at the GlavUpDK car service center

The automatic transmission (AT) is one of the key systems in a vehicle, and the comfort and safety of driving greatly depend on the regular maintenance and timely diagnostics of this system. But how do you understand it's time for an AT diagnostic in Moscow:

  1. Unstable operation. If you notice that your vehicle shifts gears too early or too late, or if the gearbox hesitates during gear changes, it's a clear sign it's time to consider a diagnostic check.
  2. Unusual sounds. Any atypical noises, humming, or clanking during AT operation should raise concern.
  3. Fluid leaks. Stains of transmission fluid under the car could indicate leaks in the system.
  4. Power issues. If the car loses power or takes an extended time to accelerate, there might be an issue with the transmission.
  5. Increased fuel consumption. Inefficient AT operation could lead to a fuel consumption increase of up to 10-15%.

According to statistics, around 60% of automatic transmission problems can be prevented by conducting regular and timely diagnostics. The cost of diagnosing the AT, compared to potential expenses for major repairs or replacement, is minimal. When considering the cost of AT diagnostics, it's essential to remember that it's about saving your time, money, and most importantly, ensuring road safety.

Special Features

  1. Mechanical complexity: The AT consists of hundreds of components, each of which could be a reason for malfunction. Understanding the function of all these parts and their interaction requires in-depth knowledge and experience.
  2. Equipment requirements: Modern ATs are equipped with numerous electronic systems that need to be checked using specialized equipment.
  3. Dynamic assessment: Often, to detect faults, the transmission needs to be tested while the vehicle is in motion.
  4. Precision: Many AT problems might result from microscopic wear or damage, requiring highly accurate equipment and a specialist's attention.

Diagnostic Procedure

  1. External inspection of the gearbox: Before beginning the diagnostic process, a specialist visually inspects for visible damage, fluid leaks, and other external signs of malfunction.
  2. Connection to diagnostic equipment: Modern ATs have self-diagnostic systems that can provide error codes.
  3. Checking the level and condition of transmission fluid: Incorrect fluid level or condition could be the cause of many issues.
  4. Dynamic diagnostics: Test-driving the vehicle with diagnostic equipment helps detect problems that occur only during movement.
  5. Results analysis and conclusion preparation: After diagnostics, the specialist analyzes the gathered data and provides the car owner with a detailed report on the AT's condition and recommendations for repair or maintenance.

In modern times, as vehicles become more complex and technological, quality AT diagnostics in Moscow are becoming a crucial step in ensuring their long-term and safe operation.

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