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Glass replacement at the GlavUpDK car service center

There are often situations where it's necessary to repair or replace the glass of a vehicle. This becomes essential after a road incident, when an object hits the glass, and in various other scenarios. The specialists at GlavUpDK, a company with nearly half a century of experience, are ready to provide glass repair services for cars at a reasonable price, all while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Even diplomatic missions trust our services.

Key Aspects of Glass Replacement Service

When it comes to glass repair or replacement for your car in Moscow, the best choice is the skilled professionals at our specialized facility. These services typically involve several stages. For instance, the installation of windshields or rear windows follows these steps:

  • Vehicle Preparation: This involves covering the interior with protective materials and applying sturdy covers to the body to prevent damage. Before removing the damaged glass, specialists remove wipers, rearview mirrors, and other elements.
  • Glass and Body Preparation: Technicians clean the installation area from old adhesive. Afterward, they degrease the surface where the body and glass will meet. Then, a special adhesive that can withstand various weather conditions is applied to the glass edge.
  • Glass Installation: The new glass is carefully installed in place, and wipers, rearview mirrors, and other elements are reattached if they were removed. Before handing the car back to the client, the interior and the newly installed glass are thoroughly cleaned.

Types of Glass Repair Services

Experts recommend repairing only small chips and cracks. In all other cases, for safety reasons, it's necessary to replace the glass with high-quality products from reputable manufacturers. Chips and cracks can be fixed quickly. The process involves degreasing the damaged area, drilling to prevent further crack growth, vacuuming, filling the defect with high-quality polymer, and allowing it to cure under pressure. The final step is polishing, leaving the glass looking brand new.

Benefits of Choosing Our Services

The services of GlavUpDK's Specialized Auto Center are in high demand because we have a team of highly skilled specialists with extensive experience in repairing and installing glass for various car models. We have all the necessary equipment and tools to carry out all required glass repair and replacement procedures. Our company only installs high-quality glass and uses materials from the best manufacturers for repairs.


At reasonable rates, the specialists at GlavUpDK's Specialized Auto Center are ready to provide high-quality and prompt glass repair or replacement for vehicles of any make and model. We have all the materials and tools necessary for the job, and our team consists of highly skilled professionals with vast experience in the field.

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