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Removing scratches at the GlavUpDK car service center

Scratches on your car's body are an annoyance faced by almost every car owner. While not a critical issue, the aesthetic discomfort and deterioration of your vehicle's appearance are unwelcome.

At GlavUpDK Specialized Auto Center, we offer high-quality services for removing scratches from your car. Since 1976, we have specialized in repairing and servicing vehicles of various categories, from diplomatic missions to private individuals.

Service Features

Scratch removal (or body repair) is the process of restoring the surface of an automobile body that has been damaged by scratches or minor defects. This type of repair involves several steps:

  1. Damage Assessment: The first step involves a thorough assessment of the damage. We carefully inspect the car to identify the location and nature of the scratches and defects.
  2. Surface Preparation: After the assessment, we prepare the surface by cleaning it from dirt, dust, and other contaminants.
  3. Sanding: If necessary, we begin the sanding process. This may involve removing the top layer of paint or clear coat to even out the surface.
  4. Filler Application: For deep scratches, we use special fillers like body putty to level the surface.
  5. Paint Preparation: After surface leveling, we prepare for painting. We ensure that the paint color matches the car's original color and carefully mask surrounding areas to avoid overspray.
  6. Painting: Professional painting methods are used to ensure an even and high-quality finish.
  7. Clear Coating: Following painting, we apply clear coat to give your car a glossy finish and protect the paint from external factors.
  8. Polishing: To achieve a smooth and shiny surface, we perform polishing as a final step.

At each stage, our experienced specialists ensure high-quality repair and strictly maintain the original appearance of your car.

Service Types

At GlavUpDK Specialized Auto Center, we offer various options for scratch removal to meet the needs of every customer:

  1. Local Restoration: This method is used for shallow scratches and is suitable for those looking to quickly and inexpensively eliminate minor damage. The cost of this type of work is usually below the average price for car door scratch repair.
  2. Deep Sanding and Painting: Ideal for medium to deep scratches, this method involves thorough sanding of the damaged area, followed by spot painting.
  3. Comprehensive Body Restoration: This service includes repairing car door scratches and additional work to restore the body in case of extensive damage.

Service Benefits

  • Transparent Pricing: The cost of car door scratch repair and other services is calculated using licensed software such as AUDATEX and AUTODATA, ensuring transparency and competitive prices.
  • Highly Qualified Staff: Our specialists specialize in repairing premium-class vehicles.
  • Certification: We are certified according to the GOST-R and ISO 9001 systems.
  • Quality Guarantee: All work undergoes strict quality control.

Don't let scratches reduce the value and appearance of your car. GlavUpDK Specialized Auto Center is your reliable partner in solving this problem. The price of removing scratches from your car will meet your expectations in terms of quality and service speed. Contact us for a detailed consultation and a cost estimate for car door scratch repair. Take care of your car with professionals!

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