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Spetsautocenter’s store always has more than 5,000 items in stock: genuine and non-genuine spare parts, units and details for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota and cars by other popular brands.

Salespersons and store workers are always ready to provide information on availability and price of spare parts you are interested in.

For inquires please call +7 (499) 766-1-555.

You can also check spare parts availability using the search form (via entering the ordering code).

Spetsautocenter has been actively working and successfully developing in the Russian automotive market offering spare parts for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet and American cars.

We offer filters, braking pads, spark plugs, belts and consumables for vehicle maintenance, as well as chassis and suspension parts for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volvo, and Toyota. If the required parts are out of stock, we can always make an express order to the central regional store in Moscow. Delivery terms are 1–3 days. If the central store is short of a required part, we make a direct order to our suppliers in Europe, Japan and the USA. Delivery terms for an ordered part are 5 days and more, depending on its type and supply region. You can always order any spare parts at our center.

Our advantages include:

  • Attending to customers’ needs
  • A wide range of spare parts at our store
  • Prompt delivery of any spare parts from the central store
  • Possibility of an express order of spare parts for any car from Europe, Japan and the United States
  • High level of our specialists’ expertise
  • Possibility of fitting of the purchased parts while retaining the warranty
  • Services to persons and legal entities
  • Any payment methods

Over the years of cooperation more than thirty large state and commercial enterprises of Moscow became our regular customers. The list includes VTB Bank, McDonald’s, TVCenter, Interprombank, Kapital Insurance, Transport Operators Union and many others.


Dealer Spare Parts

When choosing spare parts for their cars, the majority of car owners are faced with the choice between genuine spare parts manufactured by their car maker and those manufactured by other makers (aftermarket spare parts). Advantages of genuine spare parts lie in their being identical to those initially installed on the assembly line. They are produced on car manufacturing plants or outsourced on the car makers’ commission. Full compatibility, highest possible quality and a long period of flawless operation are guaranteed.

Non-genuine spare parts are manufactured by third-party companies having their own industrial facilities in different countries under a license, or sometimes without it. Making such purchases, buyers get quality comparable to that of the genuine spare parts while paying significantly less. Many non-genuine spare parts manufacturers reach high quality of production while keeping prices moderate. This allows them to compete with genuine foreign cars’ spare parts without doing any harm to vehicles. Such non-genuine spare parts significantly decrease repair costs without affecting its quality.

Spetsautocenter offers both genuine factory-supplied and non-genuine spare parts imported and purchased officially. There are quality certificates for all installed spare parts. Purchasing spare parts at our center, you are safe from counterfeit and low-quality products.


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