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A car’s perfect appearance is an indicator of its owner’s status and good taste. A car covered in dust and dirt is appropriate at off-road races, but not on the capital’s avenues. Our car wash located in the heart of Moscow will keep your car clean.

24/7 Spetsautocenter car wash provides a full range of car maintenance services, including:

  • Washing
  • Interior dry cleaning
  • Bodywork polishing

Advantages of our car wash are:

  • Different washing methods depending on the work type
  • Several types of interior cleaning, including full dry cleaning
  • Protection coating after bodywork polishing
  • Rendering a number of other car cleaning services


Car wash services PRICE LIST ** (VAT included)

 Full-Service Car Wash

Cars require regular washing not only for the aesthetic reasons. In the course of each drive a car’s bodywork, units and parts get covered in dirt containing abrasive particles and components of chemicals with which city streets are generously treated. While the car’s exterior can be washed more or less effectively in the courtyard, it is impossible to remove dirt from the underbody and under the hood. Our car wash is located at Moscow, Kievskaya St., 8. Our job is to make even the dirtiest car perfectly clean.

Inside and outside cleaning of your car will protect metal parts from corrosion. In its turn, bodywork polishing in combination with protective substances will make paint and lacquer last as long as possible.

Our specialists underwent professional training in using car chemicals and care products produced by leading international manufacturers. Thorough work and exceptional attention to car owners’ needs is an integral part of the services rendered to our customers. Our 24/7 car wash provides a whole range of washing, interior dry cleaning and bodywork polishing services of invariably high quality.

Car wash services PRICE LIST ** (VAT included)

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