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Proper wheel alignment (toe in/out) is one of the major moments in car use. Accuracy of such alignment determines the car’s road stability and tire lifespan.

Main indications of wrong toe adjustment are the following:

  • Tires holding the road poorly (the car wobbles)
  • The car skidding or turning sharply on a slippery road (without faults in the brake system)
  • Increased tire wear
  • The steering wheel’s poor self-centering after a turn
  • Increased tire noise when driving

We are always ready to perform toe in/out adjustment using modern equipment.

After toe in/out adjustment carried out at our center you will get:

  • Good road-holding stability
  • Improved maneuverability and handling
  • Lower propensity to skid and rollover
  • Better engine braking
  • Maximum tire lifespan

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