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Tubeless tired repair and valves replacement

Our center provides various tire repair services, including:

  • Tubeless tire repair using a repair string
  • Tubeless tire repair using a repair plug
  • Tire patching
  • Sidewall cut sealing up
  • Tire bead sealing

Tubeless Tire Repair String Application

Quick, high-quality and inexpensive repair allows mending a tire almost without affecting its performance. Balancing is not necessary since the repair requires no wheel disassembly. In some cases such repair is possible even without wheel removal, for instance, at the front wheels.

Tubeless Tire Repair Using a Repair Plug

Plugging is one of the quite common methods of tubeless tire repair. Plugs are installed on the inside of the tire. They are used to repair tubeless tire treads, provided that the puncture is no wider than 6 mm (i.e., caused by nails, screws, or pieces of glass). Such repair lasts nearly as much as the tire itself. This repair method also works for tube tires.

Tubeless Tire Patching

Another tubeless tire repair method is patching. Patching is very similar to plugging, their only difference lying in the scope of application: patching is used to seal up either sidewall cuts or sidewall punctures, and not so often to seal up less than 1-mm tread punctures.

Sidewall Cut Sealing Up

Sidewall cuts require particular attention. As practice shows, 70 percent of tires are irreparable when having a sidewall cut since tire cord fibers are torn, and if the cut is more than 4 cm long, it is impossible to restore the cord and the tire. However, a tire having a less-than-2-cm cut is usually reparable.

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