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Computerized wheel balancing

Wheel and rim balancing allows:

  • To improve driving safety and comfort
  • To increase a tire’s lifespan
  • To save money on new tires

Eliminating Vibrations through Balancing

Vertical and horizontal vibrations can pose serious problems. Wheel and rim balancing is much more important than it may seem. The procedure performed by our specialists in no time can make tire and rim lifespan 30 percent longer.

Is rim balancing always necessary?

Yes. Balancing is required even for alloy wheels with their distinct toughness and reliability. A car should be treated as a complex technical device that needs regular maintenance.
Proper balancing of alloy wheels and tires is possible only at a well-equipped car service. Spetsautocenter has everything necessary for balancing. Wheel and rim characteristics do not matter: our specialists will smoothly eliminate inconsistencies according to the established standards and help all customers without exception.


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