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One of the main operations ensuring long service life of your car in various conditions is chassis diagnostics.

Chassis diagnostics allows finding out whether the car is in perfect state and ready to safely perform its functions.

Factory parts warranty does not always mean there are no faults in chassis, which renders it necessary to carry out chassis check at certain intervals – for example, once a year prior to seasonal maintenance or more often, depending on the car’s operating conditions.

All-round chassis diagnostics includes a thorough check of shock absorbers, springs, brake system, brake pads, pivotal bearings, steering linkage, rims, clutch, hose pipes, suspension rubber parts and chassis balance as well as steering and suspension play detection.

No use to save money on chassis diagnostics, for it is a matter of your safety.

Modern chassis diagnostics is run using up-to-date electronic metering and control devices checking each individual part as well as their overall performance.

Chassis diagnostics procedure is determined by the car’s operating conditions and directly depends on mileage.

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