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Hello, how much is vehicle inspection for a Peugeot 207? Thank you.

Hello! The cost of the vehicle inspection for a Peugeot 207 is 720 rubles.

How much will it cost to change oil, filter and a fuel filter on a 2012 BMW 520d? Thank you.

The cost of these services 10,500 rubles.
This includes work, engine oil and filters. The cost may vary depending on your vehicle build.

Is your center authorized to undertake technical services for an Opel Mokka? What is the cost of replacing oil with filter, including consumables? Thank you.

Spetsavtotsentr Main Administration for Service to the Diplomatic Corps under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has the full legal authority to carry out technical inspections of vehicles.
4,810 rubles.

How much does it cost to change the engine oil in a 2011 1.6 liter Ford Focus, manual transmission? How much does oil and a filter cost? What are the repair and parts delivery terms? How much does painting the hood for this car cost, and how long does it take?

Engine oil change costs 810 rubles. The price of oil and a filter 3,950 rubles. It takes 1 working day, subject to availability of parts, or 2 working days, if the parts must be purchased first.

Hood painting costs 8,150 rubles, and takes 2-4 days.

Hello! How much does a zero service cost for a Chevrolet Aveo? And do you note such a service in the warranty book?

Hello! The cost of a zero service is 1,210 rubles, and replacement of engine oil and the filter is 3,650 rubles.
We do not enter a service mark in the warranty book for the car. The warranty and its period is established by our official documents issued to clients after implementation of our services.

Hello! Please tell me how much it will cost to service a Hyundai Accent, mileage 150,000 km, at your center. Thank you.

Hello! The service itself will cost from 1,650 rubles, and that will show what you need to replace, on which the final price will depend. With this mileage, it would be best to drop by Spetsavtotsentr and show us the car.