8 Kiyevskaya Ul., Moscow

Daily 9:00-21:00

Certified Equipment

Compliance certificates

GT1 equipment

BRAIN BEE scantool

  • Error reading/ cancellation;
  • Diagnostics of vehicle electronic systems.

HOFMANN diagnostic tools

  • Side-slip testing;
  • Shock absorber testing;
  • Brake testing;
  • Front and rear suspension testing.

RAVAGLIOLI stand and two-post lifts

  • Wheel alignment;
  • 3.2T/4.0T two-post lifts facilitate maintenance and repair of chassis and units.

WYNN’S diesel injector cleaner

Used for injector cleaning


Designed for pumping coolant in and out air conditioners for passenger cars

AEK detector lamp

For Freon leak detection

TIF detector

For coolant leak detection

CANVIK brake disc lathe

Machining and cutting brake discs gives significant lifespan increase

POLO MAER no-touch pressure washer

We use one of the most effective car wash methods — touchless washing with professional high-pressure equipment

BLACKHAWK platform

  • Bodywork repair equipment;
  • Checking and restoring bodywork.

GARMAT cut and polish

Gives your car its initial shine and luster, removes little scratches and restores paint color

Top-quality consumables by 3M and DU PONT

We use only tested consumables providing maximum effectiveness and a guaranteed result of work.